What do all of these have in common?  They all make the BIG mistake of assuming that you are the same as everyone else.  We both know you are not.


Yet, you sign on to any of these programs and you get the exact same plan as the next Joe that walks in the door.  This is a fitness crime.  A capital offense.


Here are a few reasons why you should not be following the same plan as the next guy/gal…

  • You are not starting with the same level of fitness
  • You do not have the same goals
  • You do not have the same abilities
  • You do not have the same commitment level
  • You are an individual with unique needs and wants

CrossFit would have you follow their WOD’s (Workout of the Day).  Did I mention that EVERYone does the same workout?!  Follow P90x and you get the same program your son and mother would be expected to follow.  It doesn’t make sense!  You are smart and know that these programs are low quality, but might save you some money.  But, unless you are Tony Horton or an extreme athlete competing in the CrossFit games then I would tell you to not follow a cookie cutter system that is built for them.  The only advantage to these two programs is that there is a system to follow.  It may not be the right system, but it is a system.


A gym simply offers you equipment with no system.  What is worse?  No systems, or the wrong system?  Blast-Man says you shouldn’t have to choose between these.  The Blast-Lab will formulate your unique program that will work specifically for you.  Not for the next CrossFit games college student, for you.  A unique individual with a vision for success.  Don’t be another victim of the Fitness Villains!


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