You are probably wondering, “What are Systems and Tools?“.  To explain, here is a quick story.


Blast-Man was pulling up to the Blast-Lab and one of his neighbors happen to be walking in the parking lot.  They did not know that it was their neighbor, Stephen Williamson, under the Blast-Man suit.  They looked at the Blast-Mobile perplexed… “What is this tools and systems vehicle?


Days later, Stephen Williamson was out with the kids on the front lawn when his neighbor walked by.  Stephen said, “Hey Tim, I saw you over by BodyBlast the other day.  I say hey but I don’t think you heard me over that Blast-Mobile.”  Tim shrugged it off and said, “I must have missed you, I was too busy trying to figure out what that fool’s truck was all about.  Do those guys sell power tools?

You may be like Tim as well.  You may be wondering what “Systems and Tools” go with Personal Training.  Don’t Personal Trainers just work folks out and help them get in shape?…


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