The Holt’s are a typical family looking to get back in shape.  Holly and Tim sacrificed so much to raise their kids with the very best.  They even traded in their gym memberships for extra time to support the kids’ athletics.


They find themselves feeling more tired and further away from the bodies they once took for granted.  They know they need to start doing something, but they just aren’t sure where to start.  With so many options to choose from- Join the old gym again, buy some DVDs and go at it alone, or even get involved with one of these CrossFit places.  The options are endless.  Most just forget about it and give up.


If you’ve ever watched the personal training show “The Biggest Loser”, you would know about the extreme life changing results the contestants get from working with their personal trainers.  Most folks think that is normal, but it simply is not.  Even personal training can leave you lost in the woods wondering where your time and money went.


The truth is NO PROGRAM works without these important steps:

  1. Define Your Goals – You have to know what you want before you can decide how you are going to get there.
  2. Assess Your Fitness –  You must know where you are before you can navigate where you want to be.
  3. Define Your Program –  This is where most fall way short.  Your program must yield specific step-by-step results to accumulate to your goals.  Follow the wrongs steps and get the wrong result!
  4. Coaching, Training, Accountability – This is the part that “The Biggest Loser” does right.  You need a Personal Trainer to guide you to your goals.  There are a lot of personal trainers out there, but few know how to take you from where you are now to where you want to go.  Most don’t even know the system components to get you started!
  5. Review and Re-Assess – You must review and adjust.  And you must do it regularly.  Blast-Man gets you amazing results with these principals.


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