It happens time and time again.  The night sky lights up with another Blast-Beacon.  The authorities are calling Blast-Man to the scene of another fitness crime.


Blast-Man shows up at the scene of the crime only to find the Fitness Joker standing over the innocent and un-expecting Joe.  Blast-Man (KICK! – POW! – BANG!) scoops up Joe into the safety of the Blast-Mobile.  Blast-Man asks Joe, “What happened to you?”


Joe explained that the Fitness Joker giggled and squealed for Joe to do squats with a barbell.  Joe said, “I tried to keep up, but the Joker just kept pushing me to do things that I didn’t feel comfortable with.”



“Then it happened… I heard a pop in my back.  The Joker just laughed and said, “WOD you gonna do?! HA-HA-HA!”


“Thank You for rescuing me Blast-Man!”, said Joe.


Blast-Man replied, “Joe, you are a victim of a horrible fitness crime.  So many get started in programs like the Crossfit scheme… it’s hard not to get caught up in their trap.  You are lucky you got out.  You see, 90% of folks starting Crossfit cannot safely perform their basic movements.  They have problems that need to be addressed first before they can do olympic style lifts and high functioning fitness movements.  The victims simply cannot execute and aren’t ready to perform these workouts, or WODs, as the Joker calls them.  Joe, come over to the Blast-Lab and we will train you safely and based on your goals!”


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