Wouldn’t it be great if one workout worked for everyone?  No more struggle to find the right plan for you.  This perfect workout would get you the same results as everyone else using it, every time.  I know what you’re thinking, “it doesn’t exist”, and you’re right… it does not exist.


But that doesn’t stop a few of my “most wanted” villains from packaging it, marking it, and selling it to the good folks that put their trust in the villains selling it.  You probably haven’t heard about this, but a number of these villains pay in-people to get fat and out of shape to use for their product testimonials.  Another serious fitness crime.


Blast-Man will tell you that you can get some results from a Beach Body Workout Plan such as p90x3, Insanity, T-25, or Turbo Fire.  Don’t be fooled!  You have a specific goal.  You have specific needs.  A DVD isn’t going to change for your goals or needs.  A DVD can’t adjust it’s program for you.  It is a cookie cutter program that will give you cookie cutter results.


Most folks start plans like this and get a good kick in results.  If they don’ get injured or frustrated, they may even mediocre results that are within their long-term goal range.  But, most end up quitting these plans because they are boring, repetitive, and not very effective.  However, the lure to achieve an amazing physique brings many buyers to the table.  Tony Horton and Shawn T are happy to sell them regardless of their effectiveness.  If you were a victim of these most-wanted fitness villains, call Blast-Man immediately.


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