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Consistently rated the #1 Fitness Boot Camp in Philadelphia and South Jersey by Men and Women Just Like you Who want a Tight, Toned, and Terrific Body that makes you Proud and Others Jealous?"


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Boot-Camp-Check-90x47Faster, Easier, and More Fun Than Any Other Workout Program!

Dear Soon-To-Be-Super-Fit Boot Camper,

 Look, here’s the “skinny” on getting the body you want… these are the options available to you:

Boot-Camp-Check-90x47Do you want the energy to meet all the demands of your life and time, easily and efficiently? Who wouldn’t?
Boot-Camp-Check-90x47Do you want to zip through your day, blasting past co-workers or even out-running your kids? Well it’s possible.
Boot-Camp-Check-90x47Do you want to perform at optimum capacity, running your internal engine hard and fast all day long?
Boot-Camp-Check-90x47Do you want to effortlessly accomplish twice as much without the stress, while having a smile on your face?
Boot-Camp-Check-90x47Do you want to feel like a million bucks all day and into the evening, then sleep like a baby, waking up totally recharged?
Boot-Camp-Check-90x47Meet Other Men and Women Like You: Boot Campers who have the same goal you do – to get their body back!
Boot-Camp-Check-90x47Master Your Metabolism and fire up your fat-burning furnace. Now you’ll be burning calories and fat 24/7.
Boot-Camp-Check-90x47Friendly, Expert Guidance In a Supportive, Motivational and Accountable Program.
Boot-Camp-Check-90x47Get Your Private and Public Victory: Nothing will make others take notice of the “new you” faster than boot camp.
Boot-Camp-Check-90x47No Dieting! It ends now. It’s not just how to obtain body transformation, we also coach you on nutrition.
Boot-Camp-Check-90x47Boot camp is the secret to increased productivity, reduced stress and twice as much energy. It really works!
Boot-Camp-Check-90x47Get Twice As Much Done in That Busy Life of Yours, And Feel Great Doing It

Do You Want Results Like this?

Boot Camps are sweeping across the country, replacing old, tired, hard, long and boring exercise with new, energetic, simple, quick and fun Boot Camp workouts that get amazing results for men and women, regardless of your age or fitness history.


What You Can Expect From BodyBlast Boot Camp?

12 Weeks To Freedom: That’s all it takes – 3 months – just twelve short weeks. And you will never be the same again. Your body will change, fat and inches will melt away, and the firm and fit you will emerge. That’s for certain. But what’s even more astonishing is how your “seize the day” attitude and zest for life will grow. You will get physical and emotional freedom in just twelve weeks!


Do You Want Results Like this?

Now you can be a part of the hottest trend in dress-size-reducing fitness results and begin transforming your body fast with BodyBlast Boot Camp. And you can even try us out completely free for one full week! But do so quickly, space is limited and BodyBlast Boot Camp fills up fast. And you can try us out with complete confidence that you are in expert hands, receiving expert guidance, coaching and support from Philadelhia and South Jersey‘s most accomplished and respected fitness and body transformation specialists.


What You Can Expect From BodyBlast Boot Camp?

12 Weeks of FUN! 12 weeks of Boot Camp. Read on to see how… Let’s face it… if it’s not fun… you don’t want to do it. Nobody does. That’s the #1 reason people struggle with their fitness and weight loss… they’re not having fun doing it! Not anymore, Boot Camp is TONS OF FUN. You’ll get a body-slimming workout, lose weight and inches, feel great about yourself, accomplish more, in-crease your energy and improve your life in so many ways… and you’ll have FUN doing it. Which is why you’ll keep coming back for more, and keep getting more and even better results with each passing week.


What Can You Expect from BodyBlast Boot Camp?

You get 12 full weeks of fun workouts for just $99 per month (but you don’t take my word for it… pay just $5 to get started). Or… Try our Boot Camp for FREE for the first week. You can choose to come to Boot Camp three times a week, or five. The more you come, the faster the results come. Lose Weight, Tighten, Tone and Firm Your Body, and Drop Dress Sizes Fast: BodyBlast Boot Camp is the undisputed “king of lean.” Feel Great About Your Accomplishment: If you’ve struggled with weight loss and fitness in the past, then rest assured that ends now!


What seperates BodyBlast trainers from other trainers, is the fact that they are constantly shocking your system each time you come in and workout.

Ron Cockrell

Joining BodyBlast is one of the best things I have ever done in my life..FOR ME!

Buster Smith

Bootcamp has been amazing. I love bootcamp. I’ve been doing it atleast once a week. I can do up to 60 pushups now, and that’s a big change!

Trisha Pitcher

Philadelphia Personal Trainer Stephen Williamson Guarantee

BodyBlast’s Team of Personal Trainers have a combined 36 years experience in Personal Training and Body Transformations. Founded in 2004, BodyBlast Personal Training has been scene on Comcast’s “Fit Tips”, Featured in “Parenting Magazine”, and is an Expert Source for all things fitness FOX Philly.

BodyBlast has helped over 418 Philadelphia and South Jersey residence reclaim their body and health boasting over 7,280lbs of weight loss through BodyBlast’s Proprietary Training System! BodyBlast is Endorsed by Fox Philly New’s Dr. Cirigliano and Strategically works with several local health and fitness advocates including South Jersey’s Dr. Cerutti. What this all adds up to… is results.

We build our reputation and our business on just one thing: RESULTS. And because of our pro-prietary and proven 5-Step Success System, we absolutely guarantee you will get the results you want, in the shortest period of time possible, or we’ll refund every penny of your money. Because, frankly, we don’t want your money if we don’t deliver as promised (but that’s never been a problem before and won’t be with you either). Just keep in mind that you’re not risking anything by at least investigating our Personal Training Program.

Take that first step and call us today at 856-629-3838 or click here to schedule your no-obligation complimentary consultation. Then come in and we’ll talk. No pressure and nothing to buy. You’ve read this far because you are serious about getting the body and health you want. BodyBlast Personal Trainers are the solution – the ONLY solution that really works. And you’re worth it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch the videos from our clients. I know you’re searching for a real solution that really works, and your time is valuable. So I won’t waste a minute of it. The bottom line is that we put our money where our mouth is. We our Personal Training will get you the results you want in the shortest period of time possible. We’ve proven it hundreds of times already with other Philadelphia and South Jersey Personal Training clients just like YOU. Now it’s your turn. Give us a call today at 856-629-3838 or click on the button below to schedule your no-obligation complimentary consultation (an $187 value) right now.

We’re proven experts with a documented track record of success. And we’re here to help you get the body you want and deserve. To your health and fitness for life, Stephen Williamson, Blast-Man, Personal Trainer, and Founder.

P.S. We can help you. And we sincerely want to. All you have to do is take the first step by calling us today at 856-629-3838 or clicking below. In as little as 90 days you can have a dramatically transformed, new, better body (and all of the wonderful benefits that go along with it). Give us a call today, you’ll look back at this decision as one of the best of your life… I guarantee that.


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